Rin is one of the main protagonists in the new Netflix series Lost Song. She is the Lost Song, Song of Healing of herself that was thrown away by Finis long time ago.


Rin is a girl who loves to sing and lives in a village with her grandfather, Mel and Al. Rin is told not to sing by her grandfather for a reason unknown to her though it is hinted in the first episode of 'Lost Song' that when she sings something unusual always happens just like magic. But everything took a worse turn when she saves Leonbort or the full name is Henry Leonbort wounded in a forest by singing which causes Henry wounds to heal and the light she causes to appear when she sings was seen by Bazra meaning that there is another girl just like Finis who has the power of song.

Bazra and his subordinates went to Rin house and when Rin returns, her whole village is burned and she found her grandfather dead and near death Mel. After Mel and their grandfather dead, she travelled to another place with Al.