Finis is one of the main protagonists in the new Netflix series Lost Song.


Finis is a beautiful girl being used by the military for war. Slowly she grows to loves Henry who is always with her. Just like Rin, her power is singing but by singing her life will decrease. One day, she was bought by Rudo to a place filled with dead bodies whom she recognizes and in the center a man with his head covered is tied into a stick and thinking that the man is dead, she uses her power for the last time only to found out that Rudo lied to her and the man is her beloved Henry.

Finis wants to put out the fire but Henry told her to stop and died burned alive in front of her with him dead, Finis was drove to become insane causing her to sing 'Song Of Destruction' and destroy the world as payment she will never die, never age no matter how many years has passed.